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ETHOS EVENTS is involved in the planning and organization of conferences, entrepreneurship award ceremonies and innovative events related to the market sectors covered by ETHOS MEDIA S.A. printed and electronic publications.

The company aims to offer to top executives who work in Greece high quality information and know-how, which are indispensable tools for business growth and professional success. The company’s business events are focused on the sectors of investments, insurance, healthcare, hospitality and exports.

ETHOS MEDIA S.A. is also involved in the sector of business magazines and newspapers publishing as well as the creation of electronic portals, websites and newsletters. More specifically, ETHOS MEDIA S.A. publishes: HRIMA magazine on investments and finance, Ph.B Pharma & Health Business magazine on healthcare and pharmaceutical policies as well as Insurance World magazine.

On the Internet ETHOS MEDIA S.A. has created the economic & business portal, the portal, portal on healthcare and pharmaceutical policies and the weekly online newspaper HRIMA Week.

National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF)

The National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) is one of the largest Research Centers in Greece was founded in 1958. For more than 60 years it is an important pillar for the modernization and development of Greek scientific research, ensuring the country’s international presence and encouraging outreach and scientific development. Also important is the Foundation’s presence as a training institution for young researchers.

The main characteristic of NHRF is the successful coexistence of Humanities and Natural Sciences Institutes, which affords a unique advantage and achievement at the national level and increases its competitiveness abroad.

Today, the NHRF consists of the following Institutes and Units:

Institute of Historical Research, aiming at the research of the political, economic, social and cultural history of the Greek areas and the regions where Hellenism has been active, from prehistoric antiquity to the modern era.

Institute of Chemical Biology, aiming at the development of a modern, interdisciplinary research approach in the areas of health, drug research and biotechnology with the synergy of chemistry with biology.

Institute of Theoretical and Physical Chemistry, aiming at the development of scientific research in the fields of theoretical and computational chemistry and physics, and experimental physical chemistry – chemical physics.

National Documentation Center, is the national infrastructure for scientific documentation, online information and digital services on science, research and technology, produced in Greece.

The NHRF is an internationally recognized research foundation for its credible, and innovative research as well as its contribution as a national infrastructure for documenting the scientific and research achievements of Greece.


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