Applied Innovation Main Conference

During the two days of the forum, the participants will attend a series of keynote speeches and presentations.

The Conference is not addressed only to startups but also to companies of all sizes involved in the innovation sector in Greece.


Day 1 – Tuesday 19 June

Conference of applied and proven business development methods in the next business stage

During the first day of the forum, the speakers will analyze the problems that innovative and outward-looking companies face in different stages of their growth, such as:

  • The stage of the initial idea which has not evolved into a business yet (idea)
  • The phase of launching a startup (start-up)
  • The stage of steady growth, when the company has established its position but needs to take the next step (growing business)
  • The phase of high growth rates, when the company starts employing more people and expanding to more foreign markets (grown business)
  • The stage where the company has matured into a multi-national group which needs to maintain its market share (international business)

Top executives who work in innovation companies with activities in Greece and abroad will give a variety of presentations, aiming to demonstrate to the participants that entrepreneurship is a long journey with multiple hurdles but also many joyful and creative moments.

Day 2 – Wednesday 20 June

Networking entrepreneurs with funds

The second day of the forum is dedicated to networking opportunities among participating businesses and between businesses and investors.

Executives representing companies involved in the innovation sector in all areas of the economy will present their products and services to various investors (funds, angel investors, investors from the public sector etc.) who will have the opportunity to ask questions and contribute their views in the discussions that will follow.

During this particular session, Greek startups will be able for the first time to present their ideas to the country’s entire investment community. In addition, several foreign investors will be participating, mostly from the Netherlands, where the startup ecosystem is considerably advanced.

During this session, the participating companies will be grouped in 3 “categories” according to the requested funding

Elevator pitches:
requested funding
► up to 500.000€
► from 500.001€ to 5.000.000€
► 5.000.001€ and above

After the end of the presentations, there will be the possibility of closing B2B meetings between the prospective entrepreneurs and the funds.


Corporate Presentations on Innovation

During both days of the forum, in parallel to the main conference, companies will have the opportunity to invite their own professional audience and present to them their innovative products and/or services. The presentations will take place in halls adjacent to that of the main conference and there will be six one-hour time-slots available in each hall per day.


Exhibition of Innovative Ideas, Services and Products

An exhibition area will be set up in the specially arranged open space between the conference halls, where there will be several stands of variable dimensions (4×3, 3×2, 2×2). The guests of the conference will be able to walk freely in this area, which will serve as an exhibition of innovative ideas, activities, products and services, and visit any stand that draws their attention.

Honoured Country

the Netherlands

The Netherlands will be the honouree of the 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum, as a country which has set an example in the area of state-strategies for the reinforcement of innovative initiatives, which is key in attracting startups and talented professionals from all over Europe.

Dutch entrepreneurs and professionals involved in the areas of innovation and startups as well as investors will attend the 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum in order to share their views and experience with their Greek colleagues and help them take the next step forward.

Who Should Attend?

The 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum is mainly addressed to:
– Companies involved in the innovation sector

– Startups

– Business executives interested in utilizing innovative ideas, solutions and        products

– Officials representing state organisations involved in the area of innovation

– Greek and foreign investment funds representatives

– Greek and foreign hedge funds executives

– Greek and foreign angel investors

– Companies and investment funds executives from the Netherlands

– Executives working for research institutes and universities

– Students interested in the field of research and innovation

Why Participate?

If you are involved in the innovation sector or simply wish to add an innovative Greek product or service in your business line, the 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum is a must-attend forum for you.

This two-day conference will offer you the opportunity to not only promote your ideas but also access multiple businesses which are in the forefront of the innovation sector.

Why is it Different?

The 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum aims to become the annual not-to-be-missed event in the field of innovation in Greece.

It differs significantly from any other conference on innovation, as its content is tailored to the needs of Greek businesses which venture in the wider area of innovation.

In addition, it gives companies and organizations a platform through which to present their innovations to a wide range of specialized professionals, while at the same time participants have the opportunity to visit the extensive innovation exhibition in the open space surrounding the conference halls.

Networking is another significant point of differentiation, as during the event all different parties of the Greek innovation sector will have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and opinions and forge new partnerships.