Kouvalis Panos

Manager, Anytime Online

Panos Kouvalis is the manager of Anytime Online, the digital brand of Interamerican which is active in motor, property & health business. Anytime Online is the largest direct insurance provider in the Greek insurance market and manages a portfolio that exceeds 330thd customers.

He joined the company in 2007, in Non-Life actuarial team, as a senior actuary with main responsibilities the Non-Life dynamic pricing project and the participation to the team implementing a partial internal model for Non-Life Underwriting risk for Solvency II purposes. From 2014 to 2016 he was the Chief Underwriter for the Motor Line of Business which had a portfolio that exceeds 0,6mil vehicles.

He holds an MSc in Actuarial Science from City University of London, as well as B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Athens.

He is married to Vana Touba and they have two children.