Stephen Seiler

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway

Stephen Seiler is an American living in Norway for almost 25 years. He is professor in Exercise Physiology, former Dean of the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, and Current Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation at the University of Agder in Norway. He has worked with and consulted for high performance sports programs across Europe and around the world. In the last 10 years he has also worked extensively with making the vision of “Co-Creation” a reality, by bringing together academics, private companies, public sector service leaders, and end- users to develop real solutions to hard societal challenges. In 2016, the strategic vision of his university became “Co-creation of knowledge”. This vision builds on the reality that complex (Wicked) problems require knowledge and experience from multiple sources. Modern universities must be dynamic and responsive to a world where we are no longer the “only” creators and curators of new knowledge!